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WB_hollywoodmav_dvdcoverWild Bill Hollywood Maverick, the acclaimed, award-winning documentary film, explores the life and times of the prolific American filmmaker, William A. Wellman, as well as examining the social fabric of an emerging popular culture that he was helping to construct. "Wild Bill", as he was nicknamed, forged a directing career spanning 35 years and 76 films including that of the winner for the first Best Picture Oscar for WINGS, (1927). Wellman, a daring fighter pilot seriously wounded in World War I, was not easily cowed by the brutality of this Hollywood studio system. He fought his way, often with both fists, carving out film classics such as:

  • PUBLIC ENEMY, (1931) 
  • A STAR IS BORN, (1937) 
  • NOTHING SACRED, (1937) 
  • BEAU GESTE, (1939) 
  • THE OX-BOW INCIDENT, (1943) 
  • THE STORY OF G.I. JOE, (1945) 
  • YELLOW SKY, (1945) 
  • BATTLEGROUND, (1949) 
  • THE HIGH AND MIGHTY, (1954) 

The superb documentary is highlighted by 28 interviews with icons of yesterday and today including: 

  • Robert Redford 
  • Clint Eastwood 
  • Robert Mitchum 
  • Gregory Peck 
  • Sidney Poitier 
  • Nancy Reagan 
  • Martin Scorcese 
  • Richard Widmark 
  • Robert Wise  

…. and many, many more.

 William had a picture given to him by his Father from Dad's days as a fighter pilot in World War I. Bill Jr. took a photo of himself taken on location of a CBS series pilot film, about World War I flyers., WARBIRDS, (1961). He then re-photographed the two shots into one picture. This photo was then framed and given to his father for his birthday. 



$20 for DVD (including autograph, if desired, and shipping)

posterwildbill_smYou may purchase a copy of this poster or of this photograph.
The poster is $25, the photograph is $20, and will be autographed by William Wellman, Jr.!

Before you submit your order, be sure to view Bill's other available 
photographs , movie placards, and posters.

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William Wellman, Jr.
Wild Bill Pictures
15935 Meadowcrest Road,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

William Wellman, Jr. announces his book, THE MAN AND HIS WINGS: WILLIAM A. WELLMAN AND THE MAKING OF THE FIRST BEST PICTURE, released by Greenwood/Praeger Books Publications! 

PLEASE NOTE With the ever expansion of autograph memorabilia collecting as a standard business operation, the number requests from autographs by dealers, and collectors, and the time required to process the large volume of requests: 

  • Mr. Wellman does charge a small fee for each autograph. 

  • If you do send him items of your own to sign, please include a fee of $15 for every flat item.  

  • The items ordered from this page will be signed, as the price includes autograph.